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This is a guest post by Modernityblog

The Mormon’s interference into Californian politics has produced a backlash, demonstrators are congregating outside the Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and they are not happy:

“At a fundamental level, the Utah Mormons crossed the line on this one,” said gay rights activist John Aravosis, an influential blogger in Washington, D.C.

“They just took marriage away from 20,000 couples and made their children bastards,” he said. “You don’t do that and get away with it.”

Mormons and other religious groups funded expensive advertising to pass California’s Proposition 8, which amended the California Constitution to define marriage as a heterosexual act, going against the Californian Supreme Court ruling that gave same-sex couples the right to wed.

Not only did these theists cross over the line into politics, but they sought to actively deny rights to others as same-sex couples. They should be opposed root and branch.

I won’t be going to Salt Lake City anytime soon and I suggest others make their feelings known to the Mormons as well.