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Press TV: Trying to Hide Wikipedia Holocaust Denial Allegations

I have been emailed by a reader who has been observing the to-ing and fro-ing over at Wikipedia, between those who want to hide a section of the Wikipedia entry on Press TV promotion of Holocaust Denial, and those who won’t let that happen.

Repeated attempts – one assumes, by supporters of the Islamic Republic of Iran – are being made to delete the following passage

Allegations of promotion of Holocaust Denial

Press TV promoted coverage of Holocaust Denial, hosting a work from the disgraced former honorary research fellow [12] at University College London, Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom.

Dr. Kollerstrom had been shown to have authored articles on web-resource [13], Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) [14]. He has also featured on a BBC documentary in which he elucidates his belief that the 7 July 2005 London bombings were conducted by British and American and Israeli security services [15].

Subsequently, Press TV commissioned him to write an essay to which Press TV staff added the preface: “the West punishes people for their scientific research on Holocaust but the same western countries allow insults to prophets and religious beliefs” [16] [17]. In the UK disagreement with and ridicule of religious beliefs is not prohibited. Dr. Kollerstrom has not been punished by the state for his articles advocating Holocaust Denial.

Dr. Kollerstrom is acquainted with Michele Renouf, a British-based Australian fascist and International Third Position sympathiser, who promotes Holocaust denial [18]. She is featured regularly on Press TV and also claims to have been instrumental to getting Dr. Kollerstrom hired by the station [19].

The rationale for removing this section – not editing it, but removing it in its entirity – are technical and transparently an attempt to hide an important truth about the orientation of the propaganda arm of the Islamic Republic of Iran. You can read them here.

I do have an interest in Press TV as I was one of the first people to cover this story. Indeed, I wrote an opinion piece on it, which was published in The JC. However, I don’t have the inclination or energy to spend my time arguing with Press TV shills.

However, if you don’t want to see those who want to cover up Press TV’s Holocaust Denial succeed, you may want to keep an eye on this entry.

You might also want to forward this blog post on to your friends.


The section has been rewritten by a senior Wiki editor in a manner which addresses the IRI objections. It has, of course, been removed.

The New Statesman [10], the Jerusalem Post [11] the anti-fascist campaign Searchlight[12] and others [13] have attacked Press TV for publishing, on its official website, an article by Nicholas Kollerstrom[14], an academic whose honorary fellowship was withdrawn by University College London following his promulgation of Holocaust denial [15]. Press TV has also broadcast programmes featuring the prominent Holocaust Denier, Michele Renouf [16].