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One more down…

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been arrested in Serbia and will face charges of war crimes at the Hague Tribunal.

The UN says Mr Karadzic’s forces killed at least 7,500 Muslim men and boys from Srebrenica in July 1995 as part of a campaign to “terrorise and demoralise the Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat population”.

He was also charged over the shelling of Sarajevo, and the use of 284 UN peacekeepers as human shields in May and June 1995.

After the Dayton accord that ended the Bosnian war, the former nationalist president went into hiding.

Now if only he could be sharing a cell with Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. Unfortunately, but predictably, the Arab League has taken al-Bashir’s side.