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Grayling on Mugabe

Over at CiF, AC Grayling argues that Robert Mugabe’s visit to Rome is the best chance we have to apprehend him, lock him up at The Hague and put him on trial.

There are two excellent reasons why Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s ex-president, should not be at the UN world food conference in Rome, and one excellent reason why he should be arrested while there for arraignment before the international criminal court. The fact that he is nevertheless there, and the fact that he has not so far been arrested on criminal charges, speaks the worst shame to that pusillanimous and feeble creature, “the international community”.

Owing to technical upgrades, CiF will be closing comments in about half an hour. It’s definitely a discussion worth having, so get your oar in now, or repair here to discuss it further if you like.

I’ll start by saying I agree with Grayling entirely, and also that I’m rapidly losing faith in the United Nations as an avatar of “the international community”.