Israel/Palestine,  Stoppers

“We will keep hounding you”

Remember last January when London-based Hamas spokesman (and Stop the War Coalition speaker) Azzam Tamimi told a Tel Aviv-born Israeli to “go back to Germany”?

Perhaps he was representing the position of Hamas’s famed moderate wing. Now it seems some in the organization have an even more extreme position on the Jews living in Palestine (including, of course, all of pre-1967 Israel). Speaking Wednesday in Gaza, senior Hamas member Mahmoud al-Zahar said the following:

“Now more than ever I tell you – we will never recognize Israel… We will form the Palestinian state on all of Palestine’s territories and the sun of liberty will burn the Zionists. To them I say – you will lose. You will leave and we will keep hounding you. The blood of our slain sons will haunt you forever.” [My italics.]

So according to al-Zahar, it’s not enough for Jews to abandon their homes in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beersheba. No matter where they go, Hamas will still hound them. So the problem isn’t just the existence of the Jews in Palestine but, um, the existence of the Jews.

Haven’t we been here before?

(Hat tip: Engage.)