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Pappé and the Neo Nazis 2

Ilan Pappé has issued a statement on his interview with the neo-Nazi National Zeitung:

Dear Friends,

As a point of clarification, it came to my notice that among the many interviews I gave while being in Germany one of them was copied to the National Zeitung. Had I known that I would appear in this newspaper, I would have not agreed to do that. I do not blame that paper, but myself from not inquiring to whom I am giving press conferences and interviews. I would like to stress that my ideology and moral stance are in total contradiction to what this newspaper represent and the unfortunate appearance in it has nothing to associate myself or the cause of Palestine with the paper and the political party behind it.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Ilan Pappe
Department of History
University of Exeter

Good for him.

It is kind of a relief. There is a thematic convergence between parts of the far Right and parts of the far Left, where Israel is concerned. Very few have crossed over, and embraced Red-Brown politics.

Pappé is not one of those.

(Hat tip: Benji, who contacted Pappé)