Spitzer Resigns

There are, I think, two important lessons to be learnt from this.

1. If you want to have sex with prostitutes become an investment banker or go work in music PR or something. Don’t become a politician. You will be found out. And you and your understandably angry looking wife will have to go on TV, apologise, and generally boohoo about your ‘moment of madness’.

2. This is particularly true if you live in a country, like the USA, which is utterly preoccupied with sexual etiquette. Try somewhere like France instead, where they don’t care about things like this.

Brett adds:

This follows a similar story earlier last month where Houston District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal resigned in disgrace after sexy emails he’d written from his government email account (to his mistress) went public. The irony, of course, is that he’d previously argued in the landmark Lawrence V. Texas case that there was no right to sexual privacy, particularly for gays and adulterers. Here’s the story.