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The slow inexorable implosion of the Scottish ultra-left Part 12:

Gail Sheridan, wife and supporter of the equally famous Tommy, is the latest figure to be charged with perjury by the Edinburgh police over the evidence she gave during the August 2006 trial of her husband.

The comrades in Solidarity failed, unlike everyone else in the world, to see this latest development coming:

Solidarity spokesman Jim Monaghan said there was “absolutely nothing to suggest” Mrs Sheridan and Healy would be charged.

“Aye, right pal” as we say North of the border.

Update: A reader notes in the comments box that popular Trot blog Socialist Unity believes in relation to this matter that “…we can all agree that no socialists should go to gaol” Why? Since when was there a seperate system of laws for potential perjurors who spent their youth wearing Mao jackets and cultivating a goatee rather than joining the Bullingdon club?

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