“Lies Lies Lies!”

The SWP/RESPECT has angrily denied the report that SWP member, Ahmed Hussain has defected to the Tories:

For immediate release

Tower Hamlets Councillor stays with Respect

Tower Hamlets Councillor Ahmed Hussain quashed rumours that he had joined the Tory party today and insisted that he was sticking with Respect.

Following stories in the local paper, The East London Advertiser, the leader of the Respect group of councillors Oliur Rahman said: “I spoke with Councillor Ahmed Hussain today and he made it absolutely clear that he is staying with Respect and stands by its values.”

Councillor Rahman added, “there are some people who want to jump on any rumour that gets out to damage Respect. They would be better advised to check the facts with me. Our Respect group remains united and ready to join the fight against the Tories and New Labour in the Greater London Authority elections.”

Who would have thought that RESPECT Renewal would tell such an awful fib!

The only possible explanation is that RESPECT Renewal and the East London Advertiser are in cahoots, and mocked up this picture with Photoshop: