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MPAC: “I blame the Neocons and the Zionists who are dictating how the Treasury spend our money”

This has been the subject of some discussion in the thread below, but there’s some value in giving it a post of its own.

The far right group, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, which reposts material from neo-Nazi sites and whose founder Asghar Bukhari offered to fundraise for the Holocaust denier, David Irving, has published an extraordinary article:

“With energy prices soaring, the current Government’s provision to make sure that pensioners are warm and properly cared for in winter is becoming more and more inadequate. At the same time it is impoverishing the elderly and their families, who increasingly have to pay for basic social services.

So who do I blame for this horrible mess? I blame the warmongers in our Government. I blame the Neocons and the Zionists who are dictating how the Treasury spend our money.

The cost of bowing to the Zionist Lobby is having such great effect on the Social Services that 2.2 million pensioners, before housing costs, and 1.8 million after housing costs, are in poverty

The warmongers in our media, in our Government and in public life don’t care about Britain. They just care about supporting the USA and Israel regardless of what impact it has on our economy and public services.

If anyone does care for Britain, it’s MPACUK.

Let’s unpack the theses that underpins MPACuk’s argument, shall we?

1. Britain has been pushed into conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq by “the Zionist Lobby”.

2. This “Zionist Lobby” has the power to “dictate” to HM Treasury how taxation is spent.

Although “Zionism” features prominently in the imagination of both the extreme Left and the extreme Right, you can tell which part of the poltical spectrum you’re dealing with, depending upon the role which “Zionism” plays in their great theory of everthing.

For the far Left, Zionism is a tool of Capitalism and Imperialism. The Imperialists get the Zionists to do their dirty work. This is essentially the position that George Galloway holds. That is one of the reasons I think it is unfair to call him a racist. He is not.

For the far Right, however, Zionists are pulling the strings. They’re behind both Capitalism and Communism. The West’s democracy is illusory: we are living under a Zionist Occupation Government. In particular, Israel controls both US and UK foreign policy.

This is the view expounded on neo-Nazi websites, such as Stormfront. It is also pretty much universally held on the Islamist far Right. You’ll find it in the Hamas Covenant, for example. It is also the view of RESPECT Renewal’s Abdulrahman Jafar.

And, of course, it is also the view of MPACuk.

That is because MPACuk takes its views from the neo-Nazi Right.

I’d be very interested to hear “lenin”, who addressed an MPACuk conference this Sunday, explain why he isn’t in the slightest bit troubled about speaking on the platform of an organisation which tells its membership that Zionists direct not only UK foreign policy, but also social security spending.