Amis Finds Hole, Continues Digging

Here is Martin Amis, being interviewed by Johann.

Amis has read Mark Steyn and he is very worried about comparative birth rates, demographics and “Sharia”. It is depressingly pessimistic: pretty unsurprisingly, if you have read any of his novels. “Muslims” have, in effect, become the proxies for Amis’ own lack of confidence in the attractiveness and persistence of liberal values.

This is a good example of why it is foolish to turn to artists for your political views.

The “demographics” scare is based upon two assumptions. First, it presumes that birth rates within immigrant groups will stay the same, from generation to generation. Secondly, it appears to conceed that liberal pluralist democracy is less appealing – at least to those from a cultural muslim background – than “Sharia”.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see any reason why that should inevitably be the case.

A little bit more intellectual energy ought to be expended on the best way to foster and develop pride in liberal democratic political values among all citizens of this country. A little less time should be spend running around like Dad’s Army’s Private Frazer intoning:

“We’re doomed, doomed!”