Britney Spears to Convert to Islam?

This is a guest post by Rupa Huq

First Diana and the heart surgeon who spilled the beans on last night’s revamped News At Ten, then Jemima Goldsmith and Imran Khan and now – according to the Times of India – Britney Spears is considering moving to Pakistan with new beau Adnan Ghalib and converting while she’s about it.

We are told:

“According to media reports, Ghalib’s respectable Sunni Muslim family in Birmingham is so horrified by his antics that they have disowned him.

The daughter of a housewife interviewed in the piece reacts thus:

“I can imagine how the orthodox amongst us would react. I can almost see a fatwa against Spears coming.”

In the meant-time this similarly subcontinental flavoured piece from the New Humanist claims that Islamic fundamentalism started not in the Middle East as we all thought but in India. Shades of that character from Goodness Gracious Me who claims that the Jewel in the Crown is responsible for just about everything you can think of.