Morrissey to Tour Middle East?

Via, the Indie is reporting that Morrissey will play the Middle East. Says his manager:

“One way or another we will tour the Middle East – in terms of places like Jerusalem and Beirut. And we hope to play Iran.”

This is excellent news. Morrissey has a strong following in both Israel and Turkey. I expect that Iranians and Lebanese also love him. There’s talk of a gig with Kazem Al Sahir

There are some people who unaccountably find Morrissey devious, truculent and unreliable. Some people say that his fans are weird, obsessive, and nasty.

But I’ll have none of that. Morrissey is the man to build bridges in this troubled region. Heaven knows, the citizens of these three countries would benefit from a healthy injection of solipsism, sexual ambiguity, and self doubt.

There may be problems. Earlier this year, the Independent commented:

“It is likely that dancing would not be allowed,” one Iranian tells me. (Dancing? Have you been to a Morrissey gig?) “And all of his song lyrics would need to be heavily vetted before he’s granted permission. It would be very strictly controlled. Maybe he doesn’t realise that because I can’t see them being very promising conditions for a Western artist.”

And then, of course, there’s the Israel issue. Will there be bomb threats? Would Iran really let an artist play Tehran after playing Jerusalem? Will the boycotters win the day?

If he plays Tehran and Jerusalem, I have to say: I’m tempted to go to both gigs.