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More barbarity in Iran

A man was stoned to death – FOR ADULTERY!!! – on Tuesday, the Iranian government has confirmed.

If you want to see what a stoning to death looks like, then click here. But be warned, I watched one of these videos as part of an asylum case I was assisting with two years ago and I regret ever having done so. I have not watched this video. I have no desire to re-expose myself to the screams of the victim. The chief reason I post the link is for the benefit of the predictable apologists for this barbarity, who I do encourage to watch the clip before opening the mouths.

Depressingly, according to the New York Times, another 20 executions are lined up not only for serious offences like rape, but also ‘crimes’ such insulting religious sanctities and laws, and homosexuality”.

AFP reports that the judge who ordered the stoning may be subject to a disciplinary hearing after Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi, chief of the judiciary, placed a moritorium on the practice of stoning in 2002. Nevertheless, human rights monitors say that the Shahrudi’s ruling hasn’t halted the practice – which remains a legal form of punishment and is up to independent judges to rule on.

The 20 facing currently awaiting execution will most likely be hanged in public.

Last year 177 people were executed in Iran. So far this year, 110 have already taken place.

Not surprising when one considers that apostacy and blasphemy, and adultery and homosexuality are all capital offences.

DISCLAIMER: NO, this is NOT a fucking call to invade Iran!