£400,000 for this?


OK, it was funded by private sources, but still…

For that kind of money, Mayor Livingstone could have paid for at least three or four more whitewashes of pro-terrorist, antisemitic, homophobic, misogynistic clerics.

Couldn’t they at least have offered a few choices and let people vote? You know, like with the Elvis stamp.

postal elvis.JPG

David T adds

Oh, I know. Awful isn’t it?

The wags have been out in force on this issue. The most popular suggestion is that the design depicts Lisa Simpson doing a Monica Lewinsky. There are various animated gifs out there which illustrate the image, for those with no imagination.

The BBC held a mini competition for an alternative design. This – unbelievably – was one of the “top ten” suggestions they posted. It took BBC staff a couple of hours before they realised the obscure, ancient, and filthy internet “meme” to which that design referres*. Later this design was actually broadcast on BBC London.

And, to cap it all, an animated version of the logo has been pulled from the Olympic website, after fears that it will cause epilepsy. .

* If you don’t get the reference, count yourself lucky. And don’t try to find out. You will end up with post traumatic stress disorder.