Dress Down Friday

We are all Hippies now

According to the Independent anyway:

A survey released by Reader’s Digest today shows just how much today’s Britons have been affected by the hippie movement of the Sixties. From concerns over global warming to sex before marriage and owning a wind chime, 21st century Britons owe much to their long-haired, sandal-wearing predecessors.

Seems this fella was right all along – although I must say I always thought he was making a subtle point about how we are seduced by the charms of gardening as we get older.

I read a review of the new Joe Strummer Biopic which stated that the ambassador’s son was at heart always a hippy himself. Is nothing sacred? And is there anybody out there who is prepared to admit to being influenced by hippiedom?

Meanwhile the absolutely hilarious “Stupid Comics” website reminds us of how different things could have been if the original hippies had taken control of government.