Flying the Flag for you

Well it is time once again to celebrate the musical extravaganza which has, since it started in Switzerland (no accident that,) in 1956, done more than anything else to prevent a major war breaking out in Europe (mostly through countries not being able to resist laughing at their neighbour’s efforts for long enough to start mobilising the troops.)

Last week’s semi-final saw the shock elimination of some Busted clones from Andorra and an overly Ian Dury influenced Israeli whose song apparently made allusions to Iran’s nuclear ambitions (the cheeky boy.)

Alas, we are sans Morrissey and this year ‘s UK entry seems to be aimed squarely at capturing the votes of gay Eastern European plumbers looking forward to a Ryanair trip to London. But Bookmakers have seen right through the ploy and are now offering just 8/1 – the shortest price ever – for Scooch to get “nul points” a situation which would surely provide the final damning indictment of Tony Blair’s political legacy.

Once again Harry’s Place readers are invited to chose their top three countries, on any basis you like (preferably except the music) and then give your REAL reasons for voting for them. They will then be given 5, 10, or 15 marks if I can be bothered or if I stay sober enough (complaints should be sent to the Moldovan jury.)

Which Eastern European drag-Queen will Neil Clark be voting for? Will Venichka once again couch his Ukrainophilia in the most reasonable of tones whilst spinning outrageously in favour of the lovely Verka Serdyuchka? Where do Morgoth’s affections lie? Will JohnG reveal a well-hidden sense of humour? Will somebody finally suggest that we shouldn’t be doing this at all on a political website?

To get you in the mood here is an unidentified (somebody must know who she is) but very talented comedienne parodying several former winners on Finland’s YLE channel. And women think us chaps find Kate Moss attractive? The fools! She can’t even do a Johnny Logan impression!

Update The BBC find an “expert” who calls last night’s event:

“The worst show in living memory”

I don’t think I disagree. Do you?