Anti Fascism

The BNP and Lecomber

Every so often, somebody pops into the comments boxes suggesting that Nick Griffin is a sort of Gianfranco Fini figure and that the British National Party should now be regarded as mainstream party.

He’s not, and it isn’t.

Take a peek, if you dare, at the Tyndallite “North Western Nationalist” blog for a little snapshot of what passes for normal politics in the British National Party:

“What we need is direct action.”
“What do you mean by ‘direct action’?”
“Targeting members of the establishment who are aiding and abetting the coloured invasion of this country…”
“What does ‘targeting’ mean?”
“Killing them.”

Here is the BNP in all its glory. Conspiracy fixated, criminal, violent.

The fact is: everybody knows that this is the true face of the BNP. They can’t help themselves. And that’s why the British National Party – which had been predicting an additional 50 councillors last week – lost all eight of its existing councillors and picked up a mere 8 additional ones.

There’s some more background on the story at Wikipedia.


There’s also a fuller account at the Lancaster UAF blog.

(Hat tip: Steve M)