A Stop the War Coalition demonstration – “No Trident Troops Out of Iraq” took place at the weekend, supported by:

– the British Muslim Initiative: an organisation aligned with the clerical fascist Muslim Brotherhood, which features the talents of Anas Altikriti and Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi; and

– the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: an organisation chaired by Kate Hudson, a member of the Stalinist Communist Party of Britain.

According to the Independent and the Observer:

“The Metropolitan Police estimated about 2,000-3,000 took part”

The Socialist Worker puts the number of attendees at 100,000.

Having been in the area on Saturday, I’d say that the police were closer to the mark.

The problem the STWC has is this. It is run by a coalition of clerical fascists, Stalinists and the Socialist Workers’ Party. Most sane people want nothing to do with any of these organisations any more.

UPDATE: There is an open thread at CiF, where Conor Foley says:

I once counted the numbers on a demonstration that I had helped organise and got quite a shock. Since then I have been more inclined to believe the police’s figures. Sorry!