Dress Down Friday

It’s blogging Jim, but not as we know it.


I stumbled upon a couple of websites recently which seemed to be making the scurrilous suggestion that Mr Spock and Captain Kirk were having more than just a professional relationship as the Starship Enterprise cruised through a universe which was forever stuck in the 1960s.

Knowing what obsessives “trekkies” are I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised at sites which detail every woman that Kirk had relations with in the entire series (and in what positions.) But found it quite amazing how many websites are actually dedicated to speculating on the relationship between man and Vulcan – including this one where artistic fans have even lovingly illustrated the affair (presumably by re-creating lovestruck squiggles from the Captains log…)

Apparently it is called “slash fiction” and is : a fan-based genre presenting television characters in new – and often sexual – settings.

This got me to thinking about other famous characters who may have been “getting it on” beyond the text, like Hamlet and Horatio for instance or Tom and Jerry or Edwina and John…er

I have a strong suspicion that Harry’s Placers might have a few suggestions about secret (gay or hetero) affairs between fictional (or even real) characters and will enjoy “having a slash” and telling us of their suspicions in the comments boxes. But for those of you who are totally astounded by the idea that William Shatner has ever had any kind of love-life, or who crave a more traditional kind of Harry’s Place Dress Down Friday, (or even want to suggest that all this is boldly going nowhere) here are some scenes from Star Trek accompanied by the music of Spizz Energi’s punky classic: “Where’s Captain Kirk?” (To which we can surely only reply: he’s in the gay bar, gay bar”)

David T adds

While we’re on the Shatner theme, let us not forget this:

Gene adds: And as reimagined by Stewie of “Family Guy”:

And at the request of Alex Macpherson, this:

And Mrs Trellis recommends this slightly racy offering: