Anti Fascism


We’ve written a fair bit about the convergence between the Islamist clerical fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ‘anti-imperialist left’, and not enough about the comradeship between certain fascists and certain Islamists.

“Sahib Mustaqim” Bleher’s recent activities are a good example of the sort of green-brown coalition building that is taking place at the moment. Bleher calls himself the Flying Imam. He has a pilot’s licence, you see. He serves as an Imam at Woodhill High Security Prison in Milton Keynes. He is also the General Secretary of the Islamic Party of Britain. His fellow executive member is Dr Muhammed “Dancing Cows” Naseem, the RESPECT candidate who is Galloway’s party’s biggest single declared donor.

Imam Bleher, like Mohammed Naseem, believes that 7/7 was a “politically motivated” set up. He reckons that the United 93 cockpit voice recordings were a “hoax“. He also disbelieves “the authorised version of Princess Diana’s death”.

Bleher is also active in Islamist politics in the United Kingdom. Here is an article by Bleher on the Khomenist “Islamic Human Rights Commission” in which he castigates David Cameron for pointing out that certain Islamist groups are “mirror images of the BNP”.

Now, if you’re going to object to being compared to the BNP, you really shouldn’t involve yourself in neo-Nazi politics. For Imam Bleher – born in Germany – is not only a “revert” to Islam. He also seems to be “reverting” to Nazism.

This is what he has been up to recently:

On Saturday 13th January 2007 the NEW RIGHT staged its 9th meeting in Central London. There were more than 60 people in attendance and the speakers were as follows:

Dr. SAHIB BLEHER (Islamic Party of Britain)
Islam: Outdated Oriental Religion or Visionary Ideology of the Future?

WULF (Woden’s Folk)
The Power of the Runes

Jailing Opinions

Robinson Jeffers: Misanthrope Extraordinaire

Thanks again to everyone for coming along and making the event such a huge success. Please help us publicise the continuing growth of the NEW RIGHT by sending this bulletin to as many mainstream and alternative media sources as you can.

The “New Right” is a neo-nazi organisation, run by a former National Front activist, Troy Southgate (who seems to be advertising this meeting on It is the successor organisation to his “National Revolutionary Faction”, which Southgate describes as:

…a hardline revolutionary organisation based on an underground cell-structure similar to that used by both the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the IRA…

Jonathan Bowden is the British National Party’s “cultural officer” [Link to BNP website]

Lady Michele Renouf is a former model and dancer, and now an active neo-nazi.

Frankly, who knows or cares what “WULF (Woden’s Folk)” stand for or believe in.

Bleher and Southgate make strange bedfellows: particularly as Southgate’s comrade in “New Right”, Alisdair Clarke, is presently calling for “an organized homosexual boycott of halal/ kosher outlets”, while Bleher’s political party wants to establish an Islamic state which will execute homosexuals.

I wonder what the Islamist activist and the neo-Nazi could possibly have in common…

Gene adds: Of course the fact that the Islamic Human Rights Commission published an antisemitic article by Bleher makes me even prouder of our nomination for the IHRC’s “Islamophobe of the Year” award last year. I wonder if certain “leftists” still consider the IHRC a reasonable judge of what is and isn’t “Islamophobic.”

David T muses: Yeah, I wonder what happened to the Awards? They don’t seem ever to have taken place. In fact, references to the event have been removed from the IHRC website.

I guess the cheque from the Iranian Embassy bounced.