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Hamas Special Envoy at Frontline Club

Azzam Tamimi, a “Hamas Special Envoy” will be defending his terrorist organisation at the Frontline club next Tuesday, 30 January.

The founder of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London, Azzam Tamimi, talks to Kirsty Lang about Hamas – the largest Palestinian militant Islamist organisation, branded as terrorists by Israel and the West.

Hamas was formed 15 years ago with a short-term objective of driving Israeli forces from the West Bank and Gaza and a long-time goal of establishing an Islamic state on all of historic Palestine.

But their tactics are controversial. On the one hand they use their military branch for attacking Israeli troops, settlers and civilians in the Occupied Territories and the mainland Israel. Meanwhile their humanitarian wing establishes schools, hospitals and religious institutions.

Tamimi talks about Hamas’ origins, political objectives and details the influence of its exiled leadership in Syria.

Tickets are £5. If you do go along, please consider writing a guest post for Harry’s Place.

More about the Frontline Club here.