Dress Down Friday

Fight Da Power!!!!!!!

Radical graffiti artist, Banksy, doesn’t care about “the Man’s” rules and regulations.

He’s offering a selection of photographs of his spray-can art, free, online.

And, hey, if you want to print them out, do it for free!!!

Serving suggestion: Prints look best when done on gloss paper using the company printer ink when everyone else is at lunch.


Banksy has only one condition limiting the scope of this generous offer:

Please do not use this service to launch your own poster company or t-shirt line.

But who cares about those sorts of breadhead rules? Smash the system. Fuck the police!!!!!!! Destroy Global Capitalism!!!!!!!!!!!!

i.e. buy a new exclusive Banksy shirt from the brand new anti-corporate Harry’s Place shop for a mere $20.

All proceeds to the TUC’s Aid to Iraq appeal.