Human Rights Demonstration in Cuba

Here (and here) is a story about a human rights demonstration in Cuba:

Anti-war activists have demonstrated near to the US prison in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to demand its closure.
The 12 activists include an ex-detainee and relatives of another prisoner. The protest marks the fifth anniversary of the first “war on terror” detentions.

The protesters reached the end of the Cuban military zone which borders the US naval base. It was as far as the Cuban authorities would let them go.

However, they said they were pleased to get this close to the site of what they view as an international disgrace.

Cuba. Not a country that generally encourages demonstrations or indeed political dissent. In 2003, Cuba handed out decades of jail time to 75 journalists, librarians, human rights activists, and other dangerous types. In 2005, Cuba refused permission to their wives to travel to Geneva to receive a human rights award.