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Destroy the Hellenist Entity

I am starting a campaign to right a recent historical injustice.

A great deal has been said by human rights activists about the tragedy of Al Andalus. Action has been taken to punish those who were the architects of the “continued awful chapter in East Timor”. And, of course, Palestine is soon to be liberated, from the river to the sea.

Yet, there is nobody advocating against one of the greatest injustices of our lifetimes. I speak, of course, of the urgent need to smash the illegitimate Hellenist Entity.

Last night, I contacted the progressive blogger, Chris Voidis, with my plans:

I am thinking of running a conference, to discuss the possibility of wiping the Hellenist Entity from the page of time.

Before the Hellenist uprising in the late 19th century (backed by notable English imperialists, such as Lord Byron), the Greeks were a happy and integrated part of the Ottoman Empire, where they were granted full national rights, and were respected as People of the Book.

The Hellenists carved out their settler state in the Hellenic Entity by two means.

First Greek Muslims were ethnically cleansed from the land which their forefathers had long owned. 500,000 Greek Muslims were expelled. In Crete, they were starved and slaughtered. We propose that all Greek Muslims, and their their descendents be granted a full right of return.

Secondly, the illegitimate Hellenist Entity was colonised by more than 1.22 million Greek residents of the Ottoman Empire, who hitherto had been happy citizens of the Caliphate.

As an Englishman, I feel a particular obligation to speak out about this historic injustice. My country was a key participant in the Treaty of Lausanne which created the illegal puppet state in which you live, and precipitated the end of the Caliphate.

It is my obligation, therefore, to ensure that your country once more becomes part of the Caliphate, that the regime in Athens is brought to an end, and direct rule from Ankara is restored.

I know that you have a firm commitment to justice and progressive politics.
I hope that you are not a clandestine Hellenist, who will raise some spurious objection to this important project. I am sorry to speak so bluntly, but from my experience, almost all Greeks I have met seem to have some problem with this proposal.

Will you join with me?

I am glad to say that Chris has agreed to help me.

My next recruits are likely to be the noted anti-Hellenist bouzouki-player, Gennadios Atzmonis and the celebrated Greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis to chair my new movement. Thodorakis said, in 2003,

“We, the Greeks, are very calm and did not turn aggressive like them is because we have more history. They (the Jews) only have Abraham and Jacob, who were shadows, while we have Pericles. Imagine what would happen in Greece if we were as aggressive as the Jews….”Today it is possible to say that this small nation is the root of evil. It is full of self-importance and evil stubbornness.””

Of course, Theodorakis’ words are not meant to be taken at face value. The small nation, of which he spoke, was not the Zionist, but the Hellenist Entity: a state which was born in an act of terrorism and slaughter, and which can only be purged of its original sin by being reunited with its motherland, and the creation of a democratic secular Caliphate of Greeky.

Our greatest problem is likely to be false and malicious accusations that we are part of a new left wing anti-Athenianism. Certainly, I am sometimes so upset by seeing these “Greeks” that I’m feel a need go into the Greek Cypriot shops in Green Lane in order to smash a few plates. This should be interpreted as a political response, and not a racially motivated act or “irrational” hate crime.

Indeed, I hesitate even to use the word “Greek” to describe those presently living in the Hellenist Entity. Those people who presently call themselves “Greeks”, should more properly be called Rumlars, which is what they were known as in the Caliphate, which is the only period of their history which counts. They are completely unrelated to the Ancient Greeks: who we know from the statues were tall, muscular, and very very white, and not short, hairy, and brown. In fact, the Rumlars are mostly Albanians, Macedonians and Moldovians. And the descendents of their slaves.

Despite the fact that the the illegal and Nazi-like Hellenist Entity occupies land which belongs to the Turkish People, the Hellenists have only just granted planning permission for a mosque in Athens.

This shows, incidentally, that the Hellenist Entity is worse than Apartheid South Africa. At least there, they granted real freedom of worship to the Xhosa, Zulus San and Khoi. I therefore plan to convert the Parthenon into a mosque, which was after all the original purpose of the building.

So shameless are these Rumlars, incidentally, that they even stoop to exploit the memory of the poor dead Christians of Izmir (which the Hellenists call “Smyrna”) in 1922. I do not doubt that some Rumlar-Turks of the Christian faith may have died in the aftermath of the imperialist adventure of the European Powers of 1914, which saw massive casualties on both sides. Certainly, I think there is sense it debating, openly, the possibility that 30,000 did not die in Izmir, but that the number was much smaller. Perhaps only 20,000. Or three.

However, if any did die at all, the blame for their deaths lies with the West and with the Hellenists. Let us not forget that the Hellenists have been proved beyond doubt to have collaborated at the highest level with the vile fascist Ataturk, in the hope that world sympathy for murdered Rumlars would bring about a Hellenist state. Surely now is the time to accept that the Hellenists slaughtered themselves at Izmir in order to stampede the 1.22 million Greek refugees into their illegal state, for the purposes of exploiting their cheap labour.

Who do else you think I can get to back this worthy campaign?

I’ve thought about that staunch anti-imperialist Neil Clark, but he seems a little bit too keen on the ethnic Orthodox Christians and a bit down on Muslims.


The noted anti-Hellenist, Fabian adds the following:

Actually, you have left outside some very important things.

1. The territory of Greece was gradually incremented by war. The Greece we know today, has 1947 borders. Check this map:

Greekhistory map.GIF

2. Article 19 of the Greek civil law (repealed only in 1998) that allowed Greece to revoke the citizenship of non-ethnic Greeks unilaterally and arbitrarily. Between 1955 and 1998, approximately 60,000 lost their citizenship under the article. As a result of Article 19 and other discriminatory measures, the ethnic Turkish minority today numbers approximately 80-120,000.2 In 1951, forty-seven years ago, the official census reported 112,665. Given an annual 2 percent growth rate, not high for a poorly-educated and rural community, the Turkish minority, using 1951 as a base, would have been expected to number closer to 300,000 today.
Appeal to the Greek government for the abolition of Article 19 of the Citizenship Code and other discriminations

3. Article 5 of the present Greek nationality law:

Article 5.Recognition of Nationality of Ethnic Greeks abroad

Ethnic Greeks who are stateless or of unknown nationality, domiciled abroad and who really behave as Greeks may, provided they have attained their 18th year of age, berecognisedas Greek nationals, if they submit an application to that effect to the Greek consular authority of their domicile, who will then transmit it to the Ministry of the Interior, together with a report on its contents, if the Minister of the Interior accepts the application and if; subsequently, they take the oath of the Greek citizen specified by art. 9 s 2 before the consular authority or before a prefect prescribed for each individual case by the Minister of the Interior.

(Take “who really behave as Greeks” as a ban against Muslims).

The campaign is gaining speed. Can anybody help out with other examples of abuses by the Hellenist Entity?