The curious case of the Bishop. (No actress involved yet.)

Earlier this week the Bishop of Southwark, Tom Butler, claimed that he had become the latest mugging casualty on the mean streets of South London. Locals in the area near Southwark Cathedral however, remember a slightly different incident in which the Bishop, dressed in his regalia, got into the back of an unlocked silver Mercedes and began throwing childrens toys out of the window.

According to:

The Sunday Times

Paul Sumpter, the car’s owner, was playing pool in the Suchard bar nearby. He and some other customers came out to confront Butler after the car’s alarm sounded and its hazard lights began to flash.

Sumpter said to Butler: “Oi, what are you doing in my car?” The bishop allegedly replied: “I’m the Bishop of Southwark. It’s what I do.”

The trouble began when the bishop attended a Christmas reception at the Irish embassy in central London on Tuesday night.

The Most Reverend Lord Bishop apparently spent more than two hours at the party and is said to have consumed quite a few glasses of Portuguese plonk whilst enjoying the craic.

A guest at the party who spoke to:

This is London:

said: “He was very full of himself. I would not say that he was slurring his words but he was on his way to being very drunk. He was getting louder and louder…

Truly the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Anyway, anyone got any good Bishop-bashing jokes?