Readable Trot Moves

The only anti-war Trot worth reading has moved his site here. I happily recommend Dave’s Part and I read him most days even though his politics would best be described as ‘nostalgo-ultra-leftism’ and even though he is one of those who refuses to link to Harry’s Place – presumably because the fruitcakes and cranks on the UK Left Network mailing list would then accuse him of being in league with neo-con warmongers or something like that.

It would be nice if there were more readable anti-war blogs around. One of the thing that makes Dave’s Part much more palatable than, say, certain SWP affiliated blogs is that Comrade Osler actually has a sense of humour and is the sort of bloke you’d happily drink a pint with. You really can’t say that about most of the Stopperblogs with their spitting aggression, bitterness, hatred and new-found racism. Even when I was on the far-left myself I always wondered what made some people think that anger, hate and loudness were going to convince ordinary folk that socialism was a future worth dreaming of and working for.

Dave’s politics are going nowhere but at least you can tell him that without him snarling insults at you.