The Man Don’t Give A ….

Some see George Galloway as the Devil Incarnate, the living embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Left today, whilst others view him as little more than a cynical opportunist, keen to jump on any reactionary bandwagon he can to fatten his pockets and boost his ego.

One interesting insight into the man’s outlook on life can be found over at the George Galloway Disappreciation Society discussion board on Facebook (registration required). Given that most of you won’t want to register on Facebook, I’ve reproduced the post in its entirety below.

Hat-tip: Spirit of 1976 over at the Popinjays.

Hey, I just had to post this. Hopefully soon it’ll be known a little wider and do the guy some damage. Please please forward it to everyone you think will be interested. Basically my college daughter went to see George Galloway at the Oxford Union and he was not acting in the way an MP should. Below is the email she sent to the student papers AND The Sun (who were apparently quite interested)! Celebratory drinks if this gets the bastard to resign!


We went this evening to the Oxford Union to hear George Galloway speak. His main focus was trying to boost sales of his new book, ‘The Fidel Castro Handbook‘, and as a result most of his speech was concentrated on extolling the virtues of life in Cuba. When challenged at one point about the lack of democracy in the country he said that ‘Cuba has a different type of democracy – and it’s more free.

Obviously the majority of the audience disagreed with his outrageous stance and we made this clear by booing etc. Galloway seemed unable to deal with this criticism rationally, accusing the audience of being ‘from the rugby club‘, ‘hunting, shooting, fishing types‘ and ‘too privileged for your own good‘.

Afterwards he gave a book signing in the Goodman Library of the Union. For some reason, one of my friends, Lauren, wanted to buy a copy. Harriet and I went up with her to have the book signed. He wrote and signed the quote above about democracy in Cuba. While he was doing this, Harriet, quite politely, said that while we disagreed with his position, we resented being classed as posh and that we had both been to state schools. We made the point that we didn’t have to be posh to disagree with him. His response was, and I give a direct quote,

You are confusing me with someone who gives a fuck.

Harriet and I returned, shocked, to our other friends. They were outraged by his comments and suggested we refer the matter to the Steward. He in turn referred us to the Librarian of the Union (an elected position) who had invited Mr Galloway to speak. The Librarian apologised on behalf of the Union but, unsatisfied, we demanded to see the President. He was also shocked and embarassed by Mr Galloway’s comments and suggested that he would soon regret his words. He promised to create an opportunity for Mr Galloway to apologise to us, especially Harriet, who had been very much offended.

The opportunity arose and we were ushered forward to speak to him. Mr Galloway showed no contrition but instead clung doggedly to his previous position. Another friend, Dan, said that he was distressed at Galloway’s behaviour towards his friend Harriet. To this he replied

I’m a little bit distressed that you think it’s any of your fucking business.

He said ‘You are both confusing me with someone who gives a fuck what you think. I don’t give a fuck what you think.

He claimed that Harriet had insulted him and, as such, he was entitled to respond in kind. He did not, however, specify how she had done this saying, merely, ‘If the cap fits, wear it.‘ Dan then asked if this was the way he should be behaving towards the electorate.

He said ‘I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks.

Dan: ‘Then whose views are you in parliament to represent?’

George: ‘I don’t represent anyone’s views. I represent me. I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks.

James, a bystander, recorded part of this conversation on his mobile phone. At this point Galloway called on the Librarian to remove us from his presence. We left shocked that had acted in such an unrepentant way. Dan suggested that had we not been in the company of others that Galloway would have hit him.

As an interesting aside, before us in the queue was a rather attractive young Asian lady. Galloway was giving her his phone number and extended an invitation to dine with him at the House of Commons and that he would ‘give her a tour’. His behaviour was obviously predatory.

I’m not sending this in the hope of financial gain but merely to show the general public the real man behind his public mask.

Harriet and I are prepared to answer any further questions and James is willing to provide you with the phone recording.

Yours sincerely,


On another day, we’d be tearing Galloway apart for his claim that ‘Cuba has a different type of democracy – and it’s more free.’ But those remarks are somewhat overshadowed by his subsequent meltdown.

Whether or not events unfolded as described, once it’s available I’ll be keen to hear the recording of Galloway’s alleged outburst. So too, I imagine, will his constituents, as apparently this will be appearing in a national newspaper over the next few days.

And, if true, you have to laugh about his offer of a tour of the House of Commons. After all, we’re talking about a man who has managed to speak in only 4 debates in the past year and attend a measly 15% of votes in Parliament – both “well below average amongst MPs” according to

Does this story have legs? Watch this space. And remember: you heard it here second.

Either way, the whole episode has reminded me of a song I used to have a soft spot for a decade or so ago:


Perhaps this thread could do with a “This post contains the word ****! 52 times” sticker on it, but I’ve not got round to counting them all up.

I also haven’t spotted a photoshop of Robin Friday (he of the ‘V’) with Galloway’s head on it. Yet. But give it time.

(Oh, and before the conspirary theorists start rattling their cages: any resemblance of characters in this report to bloggers known as Will or Dan is purely coincidental.)

Gene adds: Duncan Money writes of his own encounter with Galloway at the same event.