Anti Fascism

Raining on their parade

It rained on the celebrants at Al Quds Day: the Khomenist Islamist shindig which – for the first time this year – was supported by lefti-ish organisations, including the pro-Livingstone 1990 Trust and the RESPECT party.

According to Harry’s Place regular Publicansdecoy, George Galloway knew why it was raining:

It started raining heavily again. This, Galloway told us gravely, was God crying because of what is happening in Palestine.

That’s a man who really knows his audience.

Other highlights included the slightly zany speech of Daud Abdullah of the Muslim Council of Britain:

…apparently a moderate organisation. He enjoined the crowd to protest every day for Jerusalem, telling us “we will die and we will sacrifice for Al Quds wherever we are… Al Quds belongs to Muslims and must be defended by all Muslims. There will be no peace whilst Palestine is occupied.” He told us that “they” (Israelis? Zionists? Americans? Who knows) are trying to collapse the Al-Aqsa Mosque with chemicals. He informed us that: “Palestinians do not need guns, they need food and medicine” 20 seconds later the shouty bloke was backup on the stage, leading the crowd in chants of WITH BLOOD, WITH GUNS, WE’LL FREE PALESTINE.

This year, the Khomenists were unopposed in London. Not so in Germany: where a coalition of anti-fascists, Left wing organisations, and Iranian exiles have called their bluff.

Now is the time to start building for next year.

Gene adds: And we’ve been dubbed “Islamophobic” by the sponsors of this event? I can live with that.