Harry’s Place is, apparently, the 15th most influentual blog in the United Kingdom. Accordingly to Technorati and the PR Blogger, according to some complicated formula which I don’t aspire to understand.

Gaping Void, Rather Good and EU Referendum take the top three places.

The excellent Pickled Politics – which has sadly been blocked by my employers for some unknown reason – is at 28, two places above one of my other favourite websites, Pop Justice

We are two places above Boris Johnson.

(Via Sunny)

wardytron adds:

In the comments Nick suggests it would be interesting to see where the contributors of HP fit in on the Political Compass. My results are below – apparently I’m somewhere around Mahatma Gandhi and my close personal friends Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama (who knows some absolutely filthy jokes, by the way). I was a bit suprised by quite how left/liberal I came out. I think this is because of questions like “Sex outside marriage is usually immoral”, or “You cannot be moral without being religious”, and the strength with which I disagreed with these statements. Anyway, it was a blow, I can tell you. I was sure, through reading hostile comments, that I was Bush cheerleading Zionist neocon Islamophobe, but it seems not.

Gene adds: Some of the statements needed a more nuanced option than the four available ones, but here’s mine:

genes political graph.JPG