Huge protest. Most demonstrators arrested.

Demonstrators outside parliament have clashed with overwhelming numbers of police while staging an attempt to stop politicians from entering the house.

Respect members fill in your attendance figure here ( )

Everybody else fill in yours here ( ) (clue, there is a “5” and an “0” in the total.)

An unnamed protester (most probably an MI5 agent as you could not possibly make this up) said: The police make it all worth it. If it was just the demonstrators here you would not notice the difference between them and the tourists.”

A website promoting the campaign said: “Despite repeated mass protests parliament has ignored those it is supposed to represent and consistently sided with continuing wars and further authoritarian legislation.

We have only one option left: Sack Parliament.

The (50) people have spoken!

But amidst all the action, one man spent the entire afternoon juggling three balls. “I am not quite sure what all this is about,” he said.

I’m sorry I missed it. It really must have been just like the storming of the Winter Palace….

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