Urgent call from Muslim blogger to protest stonings in Iran

I haven’t had much time to explore it yet, but it seems one of the more compelling weblogs these days is produced by Ali Eteraz, who writes:

Eteraz is persian for ‘protest.’ In Urdu it means ‘heartfelt disagreement.’

I was born because my father went to the Kaba in Mecca and prayed for a son and said that if he should get a son he would make his son become a scholar of Islam.

Upon my birth my parents took me to the Kaba in Mecca and my mother lifted my body and rubbed my bare chest against the cold obsidian stone of the Kaba. She wanted a daughter.
I am an avowed Humanist. Sanctity for the life and dignity of all individuals trumps affiliation with ideologies, religions, or organizations. Nevertheless, I believe as a Muslim what I do not believe as a philosopher. In my private life I am a practicing Muslim and observe the best I can with a few notable hedonistic vices. I do not like being called a ‘moderate Muslim’ and I think you should reconsider your use of that term. Reformist, Liberal, Progressive, Humanist are OK.

Politically I believe in democracy, separation of church and state and freedom of expression and association. It is OK for bigots, racists, and fundamentalists to get elected in any and every democracy as long as they do not limit the freedoms of others. The limitation of freedom is unacceptable. Of course, the best thing would be if they ceased being bigots, racists and fundos.

He’s a signer of the Euston Manifesto.

Most urgently, Ali is calling for protests in an effort to stop the stoning to death of seven Iranian women, most of them on charges of adultery.

(Hat tip: Imli.)