Bad to the bone

I shall never ever again be welcomed at Pickled Politics (where Nirpal Dhaliwal functions as a kind of cross between Satan and Bernard Manning). But I can’t resist posting his answer to the question “what would you do if you were King for a day?” in the latest “Big Issue.”

Now that Nazi’s and Commies have been dumped in the trashcan of history, the last great obstacle to human progress is white liberals. They are the lame, middle class nerds who flaunt a Zadie Smith novel or a copy of The Guardian as proof of how ”open-minded” and ”aware” they are, but who then shit their pants when they walk past a black guy on the street at night. They are the people who cling to their one gay friend, but get queasy when he tells them what he likes doing in bed. On the surface they love to show they care, but their only concern is for themselves. They are the retards who think hating Blair and Bush makes them really radical. But you can say what you want about these politicians and sleep safely at night. It’s no way near as dangerous as drawing a cartoon of Mohamed. It won’t result in you getting your head sawn off live on the internet. White liberals wail about the hundreds of fundamentalist nutcases being held in Belmarsh and Guantanamo, but object to the invasions that enabled millions of Afghans and Iraqis to vote freely for the first time in their history. They hate capitalism and globalisation, though these are the only viable means of advancement in the developing world. Hundreds of millions of people throughout India and Asia have been saved from penury by the jobs created by globalisation, but a bunch of trust-fund honkies would rather they lived in mud-huts and grew subsistence crops. They say the global economy has to slow down to prevent global warming, with no thought for the billions who need _ to keep their factory fires burning so they can have hospitals, roads and housing. Their attitude is: ”f**k those niggers, I don’t want to get sunburnt. White liberals are the most racist bastards on earth .In their heads they believe only Westerners have the right to freedom, democracy and affluence. They are spoilt, bourgeois cowards, terrified of the sacrifices they’ll have to make in order for there to be justice in the world. They mask their selfishness with PC bullshit about being green and empathising with minorities. If I were king for a day, I’d have them all flogged.

I say! Wonder who he could mean? Is there any truth in it do you think?