Hizbullah messenger bag

A group called Revolution Junkies has added a Hizbullah Messenger Bag to the line of products they are hawking at

messenger bag.jpg

Show your disgust in the state of affairs and join the Revolution Junkies! Whether you’re on the left, right or centre, it’s not looking good, but feed your activist instincts by wearing our infamous apparel!
Resist Israeli tyranny! Show your support of the resistance with this versatile and durable messenger bag!
From school, to carrying your laptop, to a hip alternative diaper bag, our versatile, spacious messenger bag is practically all you need to get you through every stage of your life – and look hip doing it.

I’d love for everyone who orders this bag to have the chance to look hip carrying it on a leisurely stroll through a working-class neighborhood of Kiryat Shmona or Haifa. It would give them a chance to engage in meaningful exchanges of opinion.

And of course a Revolutionary Junkie simply wouldn’t be seen without a “Land of the Free, Home of the Slave” long-sleeve T-shirt or an “Act Your Rage” Junior Spaghetti Tank.

Gee. I remember when would-be revolutionaries didn’t advertise their support for fascists who want all the Jews to gather in one place so they can be more easily exterminated.

(Via Al Kamen in The Washington Post.)

Update: The Hizbullah messenger bag has disappeared from the website. The Washington Post item must have attracted some unfavorable attention.