“Banksy”? More like…

While we’re discussing meedja personalities who enjoy a profile/talent ratio in the multiples of hundreds, Charlie Brooker nails conceptual graffiti artist – or vandal, if you prefer – “Banksy” at CiF.

Renegade urban graffiti artist Banksy is clearly a guffhead of massive proportions, yet he’s often feted as a genius straddling the bleeding edge of now. Why? Because his work looks dazzlingly clever to idiots. And apparently that’ll do.

Thank Christ someone else has noticed.

Commenter “tommypaine” delivers the coup de grace:

Bansky’s ‘conceptual’ art actually arrests the process of critical thinking rather than initiates it (which is what good conceptual art should do). People like it because it means that they don’t have to think. They’re as intellectually lazy as he is.


UPDATE: Of course, “Banksy” is just a frustrated Julian Beever.




Now that’s graffiti.