What’s My Line?

A few months ago Socialist Worker reported on the struggle of the occupants of the Western Sahara to recover their homeland – a territory occupied by Morocco for three decades:

This is a country occupied by a murderous foreign power for decades. A country split apart by a 1,600 mile series of fortified walls backed by soldiers, heavy weaponry and millions of landmines.

A country with 160,000 people living in refugee camps and yearning to return to their homeland.

It is a country where young and old have declared an intifada against their rulers — and where hundreds of UN resolutions which call for justice have been contemptuously ignored.

It could be Palestine. But this is Western Sahara in north Africa where, 30 years ago this month, the latest phase of its people’s torment began.

“For three decades Moroccan rule has meant that the Saharawi people have suffered total lack of democracy, seen their culture crushed, their young people repressed and imprisoned and their resources stolen,” says Sidi Omar.

Emotive stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But I’m willing to wager there won’t be any more reports from this ‘country occupied by a murderous foreign power’.


See here.

Silly pseudo-Trots. Big Brother is always right.

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Update: For those who don’t generally read the comments to posts I should explain that the link to the article evidencing Galloway’s opportunistic sucking up to the King of Morocco that I put in place this morning mysteriously fizzled out shortly after I did so. A number of readers noticed and pointed this out. David T then substituted another link that worked. Sometime this afternoon that too mysteriously failed to go anywhere. We’re onto our third link now. Curiouser and curiouser.

UPDATE: July 2007

In response to a reader’s query about Galloway’s position on the Western Sahara, I am linking to the relevant Wayback Machine page, and posting the article:

Sahara issue
British MP supports Morocco’s territorial integrity

Morocco TIMES 9/18/2006 | 3:19 pm

British MP George Galloway has reiterated his support for the unity and territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

British MP George Galloway. Ph: Archives.

In an interview with the Moroccan weekly La Gazette du Maroc, Galloway underlined that he advocates a ?peaceful settlement? to the Sahara issue in order to “open the way for a real large Arab Maghreb.?

?I am for Morocco’s position (on the Sahara issue), and I always have been?, he said, stressing he is against ?the balkanisation of the Arab region?.

?We should not balkanise the Arab region ? I am against the partition of Morocco,? added the British deputy, affirming that ?there is no room for small entities?.