Games Without Frontiers

Now that the August bank holiday is a distant memory it’s time to think about what Christmas presents Harry’s Place readers might want to get hold of.

This year how about asking Santa for this board game?

‘Previously just a violent hobby for greedy imperialists, now everyone can join in the War on Terror. Three years in the making, War on Terror the boardgame has carefully distilled and reduced modern geo-politics into a revolutionary game for the 21stcentury.

‘Players liberate the world while bickering over oil, funding and fighting terrorism, forcing regime changes and discovering those elusive WMDs. All the time alliances waver: old enemies become friends, while previous allies turn bad guys with one casualflick of the Axis of Evil spinner.’

If you ignore the tiresome Stopperisms in the advertising blurb – about the difficulty of waging war on an abstract noun etc etc, which I think the inventors feel obliged to come out with to cover up the fact they’re actually trying to make money – the game itself might be worth a go.

via Dave’s Part