Schadenfreude? Moi?

An alleged interview of Hassan Nasrallah by a leftwing Turkish newspaper– in which the Hezbollah leader was quoted saying things that made many an “anti-imperialist” leftist go weak in the knees– has been revealed as a fake.

An excerpt from the “interview” appeared at the hard-left Counterpunch website. After initially accusing skeptics of having “Orientalist expectations,” head Counterpuncher Alexander Cockburn admitted the fraud.

In an item last weekend I noted charges that the interview was fraudulent, also interesting and important observations about radical components in the Shi’a tradition, which might buttress arguments for the interview’s genuineness. I hope this particular fakery won’t discredit those insights, which are important for the left.

So even though the interview is fabricated, it nonetheless provides important insights for the left?

Whatever you say, Alex.