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Miliband’s WikiWoes

David Miliband decided to encourage members of the public to help DEFRA draw up an “Environmental Contract”. The project was to be mediated by a Wiki: a website which can be freely edited by “stakeholders” (i.e. anybody with access to a computer and a little bit of time on their hands).

As you might expect, not everybody took the project seriously. The Wiki has now been “locked” and can’t be edited further. Which is a pity.

At present, the Environmental Contract Wiki looks like this.

At 1 pm, however, some very innovative ideas were being brainstormed on the DEFRA website…

Hat Tip: Mr Eugenides

wardytron adds: David Miliband’s brother Steve reached no. 1 in August 1990 with “The Joker”. I’m off to Lake Garda in Italy this weekend. I’ll be back a week on Monday. I’m missing you already.