Yvonne interviews Mahathir

Because Yvonne Ridley appears to have even fewer defenders these days than George Galloway, pointing out her various idiocies has come to seem like cruel sport. But I can’t let her deferential interview with former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir “The Jews rule this world by proxy” Mohamad go without acknowledgement.


(There’s more on Mahathir here. If you know anything about the case of Anwar Ibrahim, his hypocrisy in the interview is particularly astounding.)

As is often the case with Ridley, excerpts won’t do. You have to watch or read the whole thing. I’ll simply say that I hope her reference to “the final solution in Palestine” betrayed nothing more than historical ignorance.

Still more evidence of Ridley’s detachment from reality is here.

Update: I just remembered an earlier post about someone else who mentioned a “final solution” to the Israel/Palestine conflict.