Galloway: the name Nasrallah rings in joy

Did anyone hear George Galloway’s live-from-Beirut broadcast? Did he name-check Harry’s Place again?

The ITV website reports:

At a news conference in a Beirut hotel, the controversial politician said: “I came here to extend my congratulations to the Lebanese people on a great and historic victory against this [Israeli] aggression.

“I want to congratulate the Lebanese resistance and their leading edge, Hizbollah, whose martyrs… have achieved this great victory.

“And in particular to their leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, whose name now rings in joy around the world.”

Or not.

Galloway is known for his outspoken comments and was kicked out of the Labour party for his outspoken opposition to the Iraq war.

Um, no he wasn’t.

We did get an indirect shout-out from “Stop the War” honcho Andrew Murray, who wrote in Saturday’s Guardian:

Against this renewed left, there has coagulated a coalition of the brazen conservatives in Washington and their transatlantic admirers, including the two parliamentary frontbenches and a pseudo-social-democratic “new right” addicted to the spread of its values at the point of the imperial bayonet.

Aw shucks. He didn’t forget us.