The Harry’s Place blogroll is always behind the times. The blogosphere, like life itself, is in constant flux – favourite blogs die regularly and new ones lurch into life to replace them. For various technical reasons I won’t go into here we can’t always reflect developments in blogland very quickly.

Having said that I was flicking through the blogroll this afternoon idly considering sending an email round the HP contributors requesting details of new blogs to replace the dead links when I got the shock of my life.

The blog called Free Democrat has metamorphosed into something VERY SCARY indeed.

It used to be a well-written, if too infrequently updated political commentry site by a Yorkshireman on the centre-right. The lack of regular updating meant eventually I stopped reading it.

It has clearly been taken over by more sinister forces since I last clicked through.

WARNING: Do NOT click on the Free Democrat link if you are at work (or easily shocked).

Let this be a horrible warning to those who fail to update their sites with new content regularly enough…