Tommy v The Tabs

Given we are a serious blog with no interest in tittle-tattle about far-left Scottish ‘maverick’ politicians, we’ve avoided comment on Tommy Sheridan’s court case.

But nice to see that after his victory over the News of the World, Comrade Tommy is continuing his war against the tabloid press.

Sheridan, in a seven-page spread in yesterday’s Daily Record, hailed his wife’s evidence as a key factor in his victory. He admitted that he had always been a flirt and was vain. With his shirt unbuttoned and his hairy chest gracing the front page, he told the paper: ‘My wife sticking by me was probably the most important factor … she is an honest woman who has worked her whole life and has not been prepared to lie on oath.’

Gail, whose court diaries will be published in today’s Sunday Mail, said: ‘He’s my hero.’