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Googly Whacked

There were dreadful scenes of disappointment amongst massed ranks of expectant cricket fans yesterday after The Scottish Cricket Union cancelled Israel’s European Championship game with Jersey because of protests from local Muslim organisations. (OK, I’m lying about the disappointment – you guessed didn’t you?)

It is unthinkable for the Israeli cricket team to play in our backyard while these acts of aggression continue to take place,” Faisal Hanjra, Head of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), told Reuters

He sounds just like my friends mother did when I was four.

There is an Israeli cricket team? And they play Jersey? In Scotland?

How come I have never heard of this before?


Jerusalem Post



The Guernsey advertiser

hears the ominous rumble from the front and prepares the citizens of St Peter Port for the massive deprivations to come:

ISRAEL’S escalating war with Hezbollah has overshadowed Guernsey and Jersey’s preparations for the European Championships which start in Glasgow today.

Oh ok, you don’t have to talk about cricket if you don’t want to – it is DDF after all…