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Boycott racist computer geeks

Kesher Talk recount a tale of less than perfect customer service at a company called MrModchips, who provide computer chips for games consoles. At least they’re supposed to. It seems they won’t provide them if you live in Israel. Instead your order will be cancelled and you’ll receive an email telling you “You are viewed as a fraud risk and it is company policy not to support people whos (sic) government kill innocent civilians and children”.

It’s not clear how uniformly this policy is applied – as the person who made the order pointed out, the British government has also been responsible for killing civilians and children, and I’d be very surprised if MrModchips refused to supply computer chips to American addresses – although if this is company policy I’d be interested to know.

No matter, you might think. Perhaps MrModchips exhibit unusually high ethical standards when determining to whom they’ll sell their bits of plastic and carbon and metal. Well actually no, they exhibit unusually low standards. MrModchips were sent an email saying:

Just like to say that if the reports about your cancelling a customers order based upon an apparent personal stance you have taken about the Israeli government’s actions are correct then – this in itself is stupid. Its unfair and akin to “collective punishment” which I’d gather you’d also be accusing this fellow’s government of commiting too against the Palestinians. How is he to blame for what’s going on? For goodness sakes he’s a (was) CUSTOMER wanting to spend money with you. Stop moralising – you’re no good at it – SELL CHIPS INSTEAD!

This was the response: “This is an automated reply. Your email has been gassed and burned.”

There may of course be people who are willing to overlook racial hatred in their computer suppliers, so long as they provide a valuable and reliable service. MrModChips seem to be appalling at providing even that. Here are some customer reviews:

I have been using MrModchips for around 18months…spent over £1000 in last year. On Thursday 8th of Dec I reopened the ticket to ask what was happening with my order/claim…I explained how this was poor quality customer service and pointed out how much I had spent at & that if it wasn’t sorted soon I would take my custom elsewhere…The reply I got was astounding to say the least.”Please take your custom elsewhere! This matter is now resolved & will receive no further attention”

At present you won’t be able to order with mrmodchips as their website is down. Mrmodchips – do everyone else a favour and keep it down so you can’t rip anyone else off. Everyone else – if by any chance the website does come back do yourself a favour and STAY WELL AWAY.

I sent a message back saying I thought they were out of order for ignoring my cancellation and that I would not be making any more purchases, the response I got was as follows…”And it was also the last you order you will ever be able to make with us as well.”

Mod chips – whatever they are – can also be bought from non racist websites such as, Whitedog Games, and None of these companies, to my knowledge, responds to complaints from Jewish customers by telling them that their emails have been “gassed and burned”. Unlike MrModchips.