Remembering the Buenos Aires massacre

Harry’s Place reader/commenter Fabian is visiting Argentina, and has posted on his blog photos and video of a ceremony marking the 12th anniversary of the bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. The bombing, which killed 85 persons, has been widely attributed to Hezbollah, with backing from Iran.

buenos aires bombing.jpg

Fabian writes:

This year I thought that we had to give a show of solidarity also with Israel, since it is the same Hezbollah the terrorist organizations that is lobbing rockets against my second home, so we went with Israeli flags. The Argentinian Jewish community is still shrouded in fear, always trying to remain invisible. This is partly a consequence of Argentina’s many years of antisemitic dictatorship. But enough! I’ve seen how the Jewish American community is proud of herself. They carry flags and banners of Israel and America. I am living in a country where being Jewish is like the air you breath. Enough, I say! We are proud of being Jewish and Argentinians and myself I add that I am proud of being Israeli too. Lets get out of the closet. Israel needs our support now, and we need Israel’s support also. Our enemies are the same enemies.

The investigation of the crime has been marred by bungling and alleged corruption, and nobody has yet been convicted. However the suicide bomber who carried out the atrocity has been identified as a member of Hezbollah.

The same Hezbollah which the Stop the War Coalition cheered for “dealing with” Israel.