Stupid, Racist, Politically, Culturally, Geographically and Morally Ignorant Morons

The shining bright hopes of the Island Nation, the British National Party have posted the following map, which purports to illustrate Europe’s political geography nine years hence, on the “humour” section of their website. (I don’t think any comedy clubs need to worry about sending their agents to scout around there just yet.)


At first I thought: Don’t they know that Montenegro has separated from Serbia? And that Kosovo almost certainly will do so soon too?

Do they not care about offending the Greeks with their casual reference to “Macedonia”?

Do they even realise that they have (almost certainly unintentionally) made Slovenia bigger than even the wildest dreams of most expanionist Slovene (and there are not many of those about in the first place.) (At least they didn’t call it Slovakia.)

Do they not know that irredentist Albanians are to be found (most obviously) in Kosovo, and also in smaller numbers in the FYR Macedonia and Greece – but not really Italy?

Can they explain how, if Russia is to become “Greater Chechnya” (erm….they aren’t even the largest Muslim people in Russia), why Kaliningrad (formerly East Prussia) remains Russian?

Do they really think that The Republic of Moldova is more likely to maintain its statehood and cultural identity than is Italy, the UK or France?

And they call themselves British nationalists?

Still, on the plus side (and remembering that the map is “humourous”), these BNP morons, the most unwelcome invasion into Great British poltical life for not a few decades, are at least going to naff off to the Med.

Maybe we can club together to buy them tickets. And a decent atlas.

wardytron adds:

As Matt DVO points out, ‘If it were a paranoid ultra-left map, England might be called “Coca-Cola Presents The United Kingdom of Tastiness” and Spain would be called “Isralei Haliburtonstan”‘, but he’s been pre-empted in the comments by “The Male Nurse”, who writes “It’s a shame you can’t see Greater Israel on the map (containing the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, parts of Syria). Oh, suddenly you don’t find it funny any more”. You might think this demonstrates once again the similarities in the thinking of the far left and far right. I couldn’t possibly comment.