They think it’s all over…

…it is now.

In honour of tonight’s achievement, and especially for Catherine, here are five of the Azzurri’s finest in Dolce and Gabbana mode:


We only used to get an orange.

Picutres of Peter Crouch and Gary Neville from their Mr. Byrite photo-shoot will appear here shortly.

UPDATE: Zinedine Zidane has won the Golden Ball award for the World Cup’s best player. This is a travesty. Not because of his violent conduct last night, but because he only turned up after the group stages and played only two genuinely great games (last 16 against Spain and 1/4-final against Brazil). This pales alongside the the consistently excellent Cannavaro and Gattusso.

A clear case of the heart ruling the head(-butt) so far as I can tell.

David T adds

I don’t really follow football, although I have enjoyed playing this headbutting-Zidane game.