Dress Down Friday

Gary Younge: the war is over

I don’t agree with Gary Younge about much he writes in the Guardian, but today I can (well, okay almost) as he writes about Germany v Argentina. Two teams and two wars to choose from. It’s the toughest choice a supporter can face.

According to Younge the war is over (phew) and Hitler isn’t playing (did he ever? No seriously) and really we Brits should be able to support Germany today in their 4pm match against Argentina.

He’s right and I am. Although, that’s not what Younge’s doing.

“But there is a good reason why we should support Argentina in this game (the Falklands war is over too, for those who didn’t get the memo).

“While Germany drifts to the right with Merkel, Argentina under Kirchner has shifted left, withstanding pressure from the IMF to stabilise the economy. More popular with the voters than he is with global capitalists, Kirchner is one more South American leader who’s got his priorities right.”

As you’ve probably guessed, Younge is supporting Argentina.

What he says about Kirchner maybe true, but it is also election year in Argentina and the Falkland Islands have always been something of a vote winner when it comes to whipping up public support. So the while the Falklands War might be long over the political struggle is far from dead.

And this year the drum is being banged loud as ever as Argentina renews its claim for ownership of the island spurred on by a new row with the UK over fishing rights.

Argentina is producing DVDs and everything to push its claim and win international support for control of the Islands. No doubt there will be lots of DVDs in Britain as well next year, but of a slightly different nature with the recently announced 25th anniversary celebrations of the Falklands War with a full drumhead service, parade and march-past in London. The Argentines, of course, will just love that.

I was going to add some stuff here about 80s military adventurism, democracy and self determination, but it’s Friday and it’s only a game, so go on Germany.