Soca chic

This is more like it. Trinidad and Tobago- the home of Calypso!

Let’s hear it for: Lord Kitchener, Mighty Sparrow, The Growling Tiger, Lord Executor and of course Lance Percival!

Some say even Mr Louis Farrakhan was once a calypso artiste who performed as “The Charmer.” (Just imagine him singing the lyrics of “Jean and Dinah” into your ear.)

Limbo – Is there a sexier dance in the world? Moving to those Caribbean rhythms, then leaning backwards and dancing under that horizontal stick (that’s six months in hospital in my case anyway.)

But all such nonsense will be forgotten about in Trinidad come Thursday – even the long-running dispute with Barbados over fishing rights will have to take a back seat to Dwight Yorke and that bloke from the Port Vale jobcentre.

So. What is the music for the match going to be? I won’t limit it to just soca and calypso. Let’s make it a carribean thing – allowing you to dig out those old 12 inch reggae white labels (that means you too Luni.)

I’m already tempted by King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown followed by something by the Abysinnians….

David T adds::

You can listen to real audio recordings of The Charmer in full voice here. He was rather good.

Can I also recommend the three London is the Place for Me compliations, which include a fair number of London-referencing calypso gems.